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Welcome to St John's Allotment

We are lucky enough to now have a fantastic growing plot, built by Mr Langford and Mr Cooke and funded by the Friends of the School. Our allotment has 6 raised beds, potting tables, a polytunnel and a fantastic shed. We are excited to start our gardening experiences and curriculum and we hope that this website will share with you our growing journey!

At St John the Baptist Primary School we strive to help our pupils to learn about the world and to understand that they can have a positive or negative impact on the environment. We encourage them to care for the earth and its inhabitants (people and animals).

We aim to do this by working closely with the ‘RHS’ Campaign for School Gardening’, ‘Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project and the  Eco-Schools programme, alongside other relevant initiatives, led by the Eco Warriors group of pupils, staff, parents and governors.


We are taking part in the Rocket Science Campaign linked with the RHS, the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

Rocket Science is giving 10,000 UK schools the opportunity to engage their pupils in a UK-wide live science experiment to contribute to our knowledge of growing plants in space.

Two kilograms of rocket (Eruca sativa) seeds were launched on Soyuz 44S on 02 September 2015 with European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Andreas Mogensen and his crew, arriving on the International Space Station (ISS) two days later. British ESA astronaut Tim Peake took charge of the seeds while on the ISS for his Principia mission starting in December. After being held for about six months in microgravity, the seeds have been returned to Earth with astronaut Scott Kelly.

Each participating school will receive 100 seeds that have been on the ISS and 100 seeds that have remained on Earth. The seed packets will be colour coded, however schools will not be told which packet contains which seeds until national results have been published.

Each seedling will have a letter and number code. Pupils will take 9 measurements over 35 days collecting data as instructed on germination, growth, leaf count and plant height at frequent intervals.

We'll keep you updated on our experiment via our Rocket Science Log.

Our Term Time Growing Calendar

'We can garden' statements

Allotment and Gardening Policy

Allotment Map

Allotment Rules

Eco-warriors were the first to plant the onions! 


We'd like to say a huge thank you to local company yougarden, who have kindly supplied us with free strawberry, raspberry and seed potatoes. We are very much looking forward to reaping the harvest of these crops. Thank you!

Our community link with Bakker Spalding has continued to flourish, they are offering all friends and family of St John's a unique discount code of 20% off your first order! Please take advantage of this offer using the voucher and code > 

We'd also like to thank Bakker Spalding for their extremely kind donation of a range of fruit and vegetable plants and seeds for our ever-growing allotment. Thank you again!

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Alison and Clive from the Ivanda Nursery on Monks House Lane for the donation of a huge range of pots, plug plant trays and seed trays! This delivery will keep us going for quite a while!

We've had an incredible donation of child-sized tools for our younger children from Draper Tools. We'd like to show our appreciation by saying a huge thank you and that a notice will be added to our shed to show parents who supplied the tools. Thank you for your generosity!


We've just received our new composting hotbin free from Anglian Water in our bid to become the 'best school growing project' in their Fat of the Land Competitions.

Eco-Warriors have helped to get it started and now we just need to 'feed' it til it gets to the right temperature and then we can compost waste from our school kitchen.

Watch the allotment development...


We have also been sponsored by a local company to participate in Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project and we hope to develop meaningful links between what we grow, cook and eat. We are also going to take part in Jamie's Food Revolution Day across school on the 20th of May!

We have achieved Level 1 already! Now we're working towards Level 2!


The RHS Campaign for School Gardening inspires and supports schools to provide children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their development.


We are going to learn how to sow, plant, tend to, care for and harvest vegetables and fruits.

So far we have planted:

  • Onions - white, red and shallot.
  • Strawberries of different varieties
  • Raspberry canes
  • Potatoes - Desiree, Swift Earlies and Salad Potatoes
  • Carrots (including rainbow carrots!) 

The Eco-Warriors have been flexing their green fingers to help to organise the allotment and growing schedule.

Click on the icon above to see the Eco-warrior webpage.

Allotment Diary 11.04.16

Year 6 have been the first year group to tend to the allotment! They planted potatoes and sowed a range of carrots. We have our green fingers crossed the crops will be abundant!



Allotment Diary 18.04.16

Year 2 have had to water the beds regularly because of the dry weather and have enjoyed sowing the broad beans and making the bean stalk tower for them to grow up! Well done Year 2!


Allotment Diary 25.04.16

Year 5 have been busy in the allotment, tending to all of the growing plants and sowing plentiful peas, splendid spinach and bountiful beetroot! They have also written new seed packet instructions for the younger year groups and calculated the area of our growing beds. Check out their diary entry here.


Allotment Diary 02.05.16

This week, Year 1 have been in charge and they've been VERY busy! They have planted, the broccoli, sown French beans and transplanted the cucumber plants into larger pots with the help of Mrs Willerton. 

Watch our Year 1 - Allotment Diary



Onions are doing well.

Pumpkins are growing quickly!


Look at our potatoes!

Look at the rows of carrots!

The beans, peas, strawberries and raspberries are flourishing.

Our tomatoes plants are finally growing!

The spinach and beetroots are coming on nicely.

The scarecrows are keeping our crops safe!

What will next term bring for the allotment?