St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children spend the first year of school in the Foundation Stage which makes a crucial contribution to children's life-long learning and development. The ways in which a child engages with other people and their environment - playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically - underpin all learning and development. These are the Characteristics of Effective Learning and we carefully ensure that children use a variety of these characteristics as they are incredibly important to how a child learns and develops good learning behaviours.

The three Characteristics of Effective Learning are:

  • Playing and exploring - finding out, investigating and exploring things, 'having a go';
  • Active learning - being involved, concentrating and persevering, being proud of achieving what they set out to do
  • Creating and thinking critically - developing their own ideas, making links between learning and developing strategies for learning new things. 

There are seven areas of learning organised into Prime and Specific areas. Here at St John's we provide children with an engaging and exciting environment, both inside and outside, as well providing a range of teaching and learning opportunities appropriate to your child's development needs.

We follow the EYFS Statutory Framework and refer to the Development Matters and Early Years Outcomes guidance to support us in implementing the statutory requirements. These documents are availble to look at by clicking the links above. If you have any questions please do come and ask Miss Abbott. There are four themes that underpin the guidance, and the principles that inform them ensure that each unique child has opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments.

Parent Information

On Tuesday 27th September at 9am and again at 3.30 pm there was a curriculum pop-in for all parents. Parent's had the opportunity to see their child's Learning Journey, and also find out more about what the year has in store for you and your child! If you were unable to come to the pop-in, please click here to find the information that we discussed. If you have any other questions, please do come and see one of Reception Teachers.

On Thursday 20th April we held another pop-in for parents. During this meeting we discussed assesments at the end of the Reception year and gave an update on our curriculum. Parents also enjoyed the opportunity to look at their child's Learning Journey. If you were unable to attend the pop-in session, but would like to find out about the topics discussed, please click here to find the information.