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Foundation Stage

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Meet the Foundation Stage Team

The Teachers in Reception are Mrs Duffill and Mrs Gibbons

Mrs Rangeley, Mrs Lyon and Mrs Beardwell are the Teaching Assistants, additional support is also given by Mrs Bejnarowicz and Mrs Banks.


Welcome to Term 5 at St John's.


Our current topics are 'Dear Zoo', 'Alien Iinvasion' and 'Jasper's Beanstalk'

During our Dear Zoo topic we will be:

  • Sharing the story of Dear Zoo and talking about the different animals
  • Writing To the zoo to ask for a pet
  • Painting aimals, thinking about colour choices carefully
  • Having visits from real pets and learning about how to care for them
  • Learning about weight and using the vocabulary 'heavy' and 'light'
  • Visiting the theatre to watch a professional production of the story.

During our Alien Invasion topic we will be:

  • Investigating a crashed space ship.
  • Sharing a selection of fantasy stories and talking about the characters and settings (including Q Pootle 5).
  • Using the small world characters to act out & write stories, ensuring we have a beginning, middle and ending.
  • Learning in our new ‘space station’ role play area: writing stories and facts, reading different non-fiction books on space, counting in 2’s and 10’s, and calculating with money.
  • Estimating amounts of different items and counting to check
  • Building rockets indoors and outdoors using 3D bricks and junk materials, and discussing the names of the 3D shapes and their properties.
  • Blow painting to make alien pictures and adding detail using different media.
  • Using a ‘function machine’ to add and subtract, and solve problems.
  • Investigating magnets and making predictions.
  • Timing each other on the alien assault course with a stop watch, and recording our scores. 

During our Jasper's Beanstalk topic we will be:

    • Sharing the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk and writing a letter to Jasper to tell him about our own planting activities.
    • Reading a variety of information books on growing, looking carefully at the different features of non-fiction texts.
    • Planting seeds in our outside garden and writing labels and instructions for the seeds we have planted.
    • Counting seeds to add and subtract practically, and using a number line to help us solve the calculations.
    • Sharing the story of Jim’s Beanstalk, solving problems involving measuring activities.
    • Talking about plants and animals growing, and looking at how we have grown too!


At the beginning of each new topic check your child's book bag for a curriculum information 'flyer' that explains the focus for the different curriculum areas.

It is also available on the Parents Notice Board in our outdoor learning area.



 How the Reception Unit works at St John's

Children are not put into traditional classes until much later in the year. We put the children into 4 different colour groups (also their tray and peg colours) so that the children rotate around the two teachers and teaching assistants. This way the children make lots of new friends and get to know all the adults really well. The unit is 'free flow', allowing children to learn both inside and outside, as well as being free to go between both the classrooms and into the creative area. If you have any questions about the way we work as a unit, please feel free to come and see any of the Reception staff.Check the parents notice board located on the outside wall near to the classroom door for new topics or information. All the information will also be put here on our website page.  


If you have any questions, queries or worries please see one of the Reception Team - staff are available at the beginning and end of every day. 

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We made stir fry for Chinese New Year


Our nativity show is almost ready for an audience! If you have any tickets that you do not think you will use, please hand them to Mrs Rangeley on the gate so that they can be reissued.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Staying healthy in Recpetion

Reception children have been learning about how we can look after our bodies by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Here we are running on our all weather track.

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