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Check out 2014-15 Year 6 Work 



We've been inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and have had a go creating our own designs using the the styles they created.

Hope you are as impressed as Mr Crick and Mrs Llewellyn were! 


 6NC Coca Cola Pop Art  6KL Coca Cola Pop Art 6NC Word Splat 6KL Word Splat
 6NC Soup Can Pop Art  6KL Soup Can Pop Art  6NC Stippling  6KL Stippling
 6NC Self Portraits Pop Art  6KL Self Portraits Pop Art  6NC End of Topic Piece  6KL End of Topic Piece

Morris Lessmore loved words. He loved books.

Year 6 have loved studying this beautiful picture book and using it as an inspiration for some excellent written work - descriptions, diary entries, book 'blurbs', poems and changes of narrative viewpoint.

6NC Examples of Writing   6KL Examples of Writing                                

One of the most popular units of work remains our study of World War two and in particular the experience of war from a child's perspective.

We look at Evacuation, The Blitz, Rationing, The Battle of Britain as well as linking it to Geography and map work skills, Art when studying Propaganda posters and Literacy when writing biographies or Non-Chronological reports.

6NC Map Work

Class NC Propaganda Posters 

Class KL Propaganda posters

Have a listen to some of our WW2 themed marching chants! 

Recording 1

Recording 2

Recording 3





As part of our D.T, we looked at making our own World War 2 air raid shelters. This involved investigating various joints, materials and structures to ensure the shelters were built as strong as possible.

Class NC shelters

Class KL shelters

As part of Literacy, we created our own non chronological reports on the Blitz.

Blitz reports


In P.E, we have been looking at keeping our balance and positioning. We have been creating our own circuits using different apparatus. 

Class NC

 Class KL 

Across both sets, Year 6 have been looking at data handling and statistics. we have been paying close attention to make sure we are giving clear and detailed data.

Here are some examples of our data handling:

Data Handling 1

Data Handling 2

 Chef hats on, aprons fastened, Year 6 have been cooking!

Class NC carrot cookies

Class KL carrot cookies


 Over the past few weeks, sighting of flying objects have been seen throughout the U.K

During February half term, something fell from the sky landed in St Johns nature area. We sent Year 6 to investigate!

First, they went to the scene to look for evidence so they could try and determine what it could be. Then, to follow protocol, they had to notify the Ministry of Defence of what they have found. Next, what goes with all good investigations and stories? A news broadcast!


After a thorough investigation, we had to describe in detail what we had found and how we came to find it. This included drawing a picture of what we believed it looked like and give a descriptive description of what it looked like and how it may have moved and behaved.


The children did a great job in doing this! What great detectives they are!

Class KL descriptive writing

Class NC descriptive writing

Class KL pictures

Class NC pictures

 Newscasts - Group 1 Newscasts - Group 2 Newscasts- Group 3


 In our Geography topic, we have been looking at mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes. We have been looking at the differences and how they are formed or created. We also looked closely at where mountain ranges are.

Class NC mountain range world maps

Class KL mountain range world maps

Displaying our sewing skills by designing and making Alien soft toys.


Class NC soft toys 

Class KL soft toys 


Bacteria is everywhere! 

 Year 6 were given the task to design and make their own bacteria!

Look but don't touch!

Class NC

 Class KL


We have been having a detailed look at a variety of plates and  containers and the people who designed them, taking inspiration from these to design our own!
Class NC designs
Class KL designs


Coming soon in Year 6...

 Year 6 play 'Let Loose'
PGL - yay!
Kensuke's Kingdom
The Human Body