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In the pictures above you will see pictures of Alex and Katie - they have begun a story writing activity with their cousins and nanny. Each week they start a new story which they then post onto their cousins in Leeds who then write the next part, this is then posted to their nanny who completes the story and starts an new one which are posted back to Alex and Katie - a fantastic idea to practice handwriting, storywriting and more importantly to keep in touch with friends and relatives - and recieving post is so exciting! Well done Alex and Katie! 

Our Year 4 play was going really well - with some fantastic singing. We will get it done once we are back at school.... but for now here is a taster of what we will have in store.....


 Friday 3rd April

Good morning!

So, today is officially the first day of the Easter Holidays - not quite how we all imagined the term would end! What plans do you have for today? Katie and I are gong to write to her nanny and grandad, its so nice to get something in the post. Thank you for all the pictures and messages you have been sending, it's lovely to see what you have been up to and to keep in touch with you. Keep them coming!


We won't be setting any work during the holidays - look out later in the newsleter for suggestions of challenges to keep you busy in the holidays.


Take care all,

Mrs Whittaker

Good morning Year 4,

I hope that you and your families are all well.

As today is Thursday why not have a look at this message from Madame Roche with some ideas for activities that you could do over the coming weeks.

Bonjour tout le monde!

Comment ça va?        Moi, ça va bien merci.

 It would be great if you can keep up with some of your  French learning whilst you are at home , so each week I’ll give you some activities that you can be doing .

As we use Linguascope a lot in class, you can log on from home and access any of the topics we have already studied. Plus can you learn some words in other languages or teach someone in your family to speak another language?

 Username : stjohntheb

 Password : Frenchlang

 Click on Beginner and the French flag. If you hover over the topics on the left hand side it will tell you them in English so you can choose. Play each of the games  and why not have a go at the test at the end!

Lumen French Award – Have a look at the sheet attached which has some challenges on. Try and complete as many of them as you can over the coming weeks. There are some arts and craft activities, research activities and some revision ideas.

À bientôt,

Madame Roche

I'll attach the sheets below for you to have a try. Hope you all have a good day

Stay safe

Mrs Dark x 


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Beautiful butterflies

As promised, instructions by Lena to make the origami butterflies Well done Lena. there is also a you tube video to help you



2nd April - French Work

Here are the activities and sheets for you to look at with French work this week.

Lumen's French Award

Word Rainbows

Competition Letter

 Username : stjohntheb

 Password : Frenchlang

Don't forget to send us your photos of the work that you have been completing.

Mrs Dark

List of activities 'What shall I do?'

Here is the list of activities as compiled by Year 4 last week. Hopefully you will find some of these useful in the days ahead. 


Week commencing 30th March

Welcome to Week 2! We hope you have enjoyed the tasks last week. In Maths we are now moving onto decimals in particular looking at tenths and hundredths. We will also be revisiting how to find a fraction of a quantity. In Literacy we are continuing with the book ‘The Journey’ and you will be writing your own version of the story. In Geography, we will be locating continents, oceans and important locations on the world map.

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Fractions of amounts – practice your skills at finding a fraction of an amount.

Today we are looking at describing a setting, in particular by using prepositions.

Geography On the world map, locate each of the continents and the oceans.


 Today we will be looking at recognising tenths and hundreths. Please go to the white rose website and look at week 1 lesson 1. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. Answers are also available


Determiners help use to give extra information about a noun. Learn about the different types today and use them when writing a paragraph about a page from ‘The Journey. ‘


Name the countries in the

British Isles and their capital cities.

Colour the sea in blue.

 Again on White rose, we will be loking at tenths as decimals. Watch the vieo and answer the questions on the worksheet.


What will happen next? Use your prior knowledge to predict what may happen next in our story.


Locate the main countries in Europe, including Russia.

Label their capital cities

 Today we are looking at tenths on a place value grid. Watch the video and complete the worksheet


Now it’s your turn. Over the next 2 days write your own next part of the story ‘The Journey’. Where will the magic crayon take the girl next? Draw pictures and write paragraphs alongside to show what happens on her next adventure.

In your writing try to include speech, expanded noun phrases and as an extra bonus - possessive spostrophes!

Use the links to help remind you:


Possessive apostrophes

expanded noun phrases

 History - Tody we will be looking at Roman roads. We will dicover how and why they were built and then you can present what you know in the form of an inormation poster




 Lastly for this week, we are looking at tenths on a number line



Week Beginning 23rd March in Year 4

Dear parents/carers and children 

Below are the tasks for your child this coming week.

There will be 3 tasks per day, typically, a literacy based activity, maths activity and a topic activity.

Below is the timetable to make things clearer for you. In conjunction to this, there are lots of things you can be doing daily with your child to aid their development which are detailed in the box below.


Extra Daily activities:

  • Mental arithmetics – using the times table generator to work on the tables practise that has been allocated to you.
  • Handwriting- using your cursive joins to copy up a favourite poem.
  • Reading- independent learning
  • Reading – Oxford Owl are offering a free membership which gives you access to online e books - these books mirror lots of the book we would be using with your children.

Maths  – Activity 1

Literacy – Activity 2

Topic - Activity 3

Monday 23rd March

 Times tables  

Tuesday 24th March

 Negative numbers - use the worksheets to help you practice working with negative numbers.

The Journey day 1 - Use inference to think about what could be happening in this picture book.

 Food chains Using the BBC's live lesson 'The Blue Planet' begin to explore what a food chain is and complete the activities

Wednesday25th March

 Roman numerals. Practice converting to and from Roman numerals using the sheets.


 The Journey day 2 Continue to use inference skills to decide where the book is set, and practice your Direct speech writing to write your own conversations between characters.

 Food chains. Continue to build on your knowledge of food chains.

Thursday 26h March

Rounding - recap and activities to help practice skills of rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000

 Today we will be using our inference skills again to find out more about the girl by looking at her room. What does it say about her? What clues are there? What would your ideal room look like and how would it show your personality and interests? Find details here

 Classification - find out how we can group creatures according to different characteristics and learn the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate

Friday 27th March


 Look at the story so far to plan a diary entry for out main character. Recap the story here . Find out what happens next in the story and make your predictions for next week!

 Classification - use branching data bases to help sort animals


If you wanted to, you could;

  • Look in your garden at what creatures you can see. Where in the food chain do they fit? Can you draw your own food chain to show this?


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