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Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6

          Mrs Stray and Mr Crick would like to welcome you to the Year 6 homepage.  

Year 6 is a very busy but hopefully fun,fulfilling and memorable final year for the children at the school.

We are mindful of the demands of 11+ and SATs as well as preparing the children for the transition to Secondary school. The homework link on the left will give you suggestions of how you can help your child at home

 Recent years have seen great changes to the Primary curriculum and the link to the left will outline what the new Year 6 topics cover. In particular, we are increasing our focus on incorporating more outdoor learning and encouraging children to develop a love of reading a much wider range of texts. As a school, we are also developing 'Growth Mindset' with the children - the perseverence and positive attitude to always try their best and never give up!

As other links to the left show we work hard to produce work the children can be proud of and we also find time to have fun.

Trips and visitors are also a vital part of how we deliver the Year 6 Curriculum and recent events are also demonstrated in the links to the left.

As Class Teachers we are grateful to be supported by a large number of other adults in the delivery of this curriculum.

Our thanks go to: Mrs Smith, Miss Freeman, Mrs Powell, Mrs Van Der Werth, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Sharp.

We hope you find the links both a useful and interesting guide to life in Year 6 as well as a method to help the children with work at home.

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Duxford 2017

On Tuesday 7th November, Year 6 had a very enjoyable (and rain free) trip to Duxford Air Museum to support their studies of World War Two and 'The Battle of Britain' in particular.

Well done everyone for being great role models for the school and thankyou to all the adults who gave up their time to help us.

A new school year begins.

So tne new school year is a week old now.

It hardly feels like we have been away!

The children have settled quickly into year 6 and met the early demands of 11+ practice and monitor jobs with a very positive attitude.
The Year 6 staff wish them all the best for the first of the tests this weekend.

Art Week

Year have started Art Week early with the visit of the 'Chicken Wired' sculpture workshop.

The children have had a great time and gained a real sense of achievement creating various wire sculptures based on creatures in the Michael Morpurgo book 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.


Gentlemen's Society Trip

On Wednesday the 7th and Thursday 8th June, the Year 6 classes were lucky enough to be invited to the Spalding Gentlemen's Society. This is among the oldest private museum collections in the country.

The children had a great morning being able to see and talk about a wide range of artefacts from our local and national history.


Year 6 Bake Ration Recipes!

This week we are learning all about rationing during WW2 and are cooking a batch of 'Carrot Cookies' from an authentic ration recipe from the time period! We are learning how to peel, use the claw technique for chopping and grating. We are looking forward to tasting our creations!

Click here for a copy of the recipe!


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