St John the Baptist
Church of England Primary School

Events and dates

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12/12/2018Interim Reports coming home
20/12/2018End of Term 2 - Break up for Christmas Break
20/12/2018Carol Service in Church 1.45pm (Tickets needed due to limited space)
07/01/2019Start of Term 3
17/01/2019Pop In Sessions 9.00 am and again at 3.30pm
18/01/2019Year 4 Trip to Peterborough Museum (normal school times)
15/02/2019End of Term 3
25/02/2019Start of Term 4
27/02/2019Parents Evening 5.30pm till 8pm
28/02/2019Parents Evening 3.30pm till 6pm
05/04/2019End of Term 4
23/04/2019Start of Term 5
24/04/2019Interim Reports coming home
02/05/2019Parent Workshops
13/05/2019SATS week for Year 6
24/05/2019End of Term 5
03/06/2019Start of Term 6
04/07/2019Sports Day - Key Stage 2 a.m. Key Stage 1 p.m.
05/07/2019Reserve Sports Day
19/07/2019End of Term 6 - Break up for Summer